Friday, 29 October 2010

CBMW - Beniarbeig 27Oct

Our Costa Blanca Mountain Walkers "easy" walk starts in the village of Beniarbeig where today's leader Brian Angrove lives. It is scheduled as 7 kms, 3 hrs and 20 mtrs ascent. We set off from the village central car park and walk alongside the River Girona where, unusually for Spain, water is flowing on the surface.

 These geese seem determined to give us a firm farewell as we leave the village!

The old bridge has been partially reconstructed near the river after it was swept away by devastating floods some years ago, the new bridge  can be seen in the background. We chatted about the time of the floods when the river rose 27 feet in a few hours!

Approx 35 walkers head out among the Orange groves in the sun and under a blue sky.
  Rosemary has already remove her sweatshirt!

We negotiate a few streets at the edge of the village.

One of the nice things about these easier walks is that you have enough breath to chat and renew old friendships. At this point we were discussing the merits of cutting off the top of this cactus, spraying it gold and decorating it with baubles for a Spanish Christmas tree!

A brief water stop is most welcome and gives a chance to admire the spectacular scenery.
 Brian pauses our progress for a few words of encouragement and to allow our "sweeper", his wife Viginia, to catch up with the end of the column.

 Most of this walk is along the base of the Segaria mountain range.

 There are also splendid views of Montgo and Denia. 

 Nearly back to Beniarbeig and a stop to admire the new planting alongside the orange groves.

Rosemary finds a quiet spot to eat her lunch.  Many thanks are due to Brian & Virginia for leading us today. 

Monday, 4 October 2010

Family Party 3rd Oct

 The family decided to have a (belated) Party to Celebrate Rosemary and Caroline's Birthdays.
 Jon + Clare very kindly offered their hospitality and Rosemary and I just relaxed, although she did make a cheesecake dessert.

 Son Jon and daughter Caroline with Henry (4), James (6) and Dominic (15) (in front).

 Grandaughter Frances (17) tries to get her Dad, son-in-law Andrew, to smile for the camera.

 Henry plays a tune.

 with James on the keyboard.

 Jon's wife, Daughter-in-law Clare joins the rest of the family lineup.

 Frances is in the sixth form and plays Hockey.

 Dominic is a very keen golfer and takes his GCSE's in 2011. 

 Jon and his Mum.

Jon and wife, Clare have a break after cooking lunch.
We all shared an enjoyable Family get-together and look forward to a repeat Xmas performance.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Boat Lift-out for the Winter

 Every two years we have "Summer Love" lifted out of the river to "dry out" the GRP hull , to have it pressure washed and the bottom antifouled.  We arrived on Wednesday 29th September in time for our dinner on-board and so that we were ready for an early start on the Thursday. The picture is of the main cabin (saloon) with Rosemary in the doorway of the sleeping cabin in the bow (used by the grandchildren). 

 After some very heavy rain in the night, Thursday morning was bright and sunny but still pretty damp.  We motored round from our summer mooring to the Lift-out  and moored prior to being pulled into the motorised lifting gantry.  At this point David removed the three large batteries used for engine starting and domestic 12 volts. These will be taken home to be "pampered" over the winter.  This picture gives a good view of our sleeping cabin in the stern.

 Here is "Summer Love" in the lift.  Rosemary is with Rachel, the Marina Manager, and Andy the Engineer.

 Andy gives the hull a hot pressure wash, paticularly to remove the marine growth below the waterline.

 The boat is then "driven" to her winter home in the lifting gantry.  Note David's fetching oufit.

 With "Summer Love" safely chocked-up Andy can drive the gantry back to the lift-out.

 We spend the rest of the day winterising the engines, domestic water system, WC and shower.  In April she will be relaunched nicely dried out with the bottom freshly antifouled

Just a nice memory to finish up taken on a quiet mooring at Prickwillow during our holiday in July.