Saturday, 12 March 2011

Granadella - CBMW - 5th March

After the usual 10.00 start 38 of us set off across Cumbre del Sol high heathland on a bright sunny morning. After a brief water stop at the Mirador (Viewpoint) our CBMW leader Bill Burford took us down then up and along the ridge.

The ridge is not as precipitous as it looks and has wonderful views along the coast.

Having accomplished the ridge Rosemary descends to the Fort for our banana stop

The Fort is in a ruinous state but we must not complain because the damage was done by the Royal Navy!

At this point there is a short drop with a chain to assist walkers and we relax for a few minutes while our leader checks that everyone has caught up. Granadella beach is visible to the right but is actually is a long walking distance away!!

On the next part the zig zag path means we can look back to Alan sweeping the tail end of the group.

The path goes up steeply with a hand rail (really intended for casual tourists!!) -

- but even welcomed by our seasoned mountain walkers. Then on to another viewpoint.

Lunch was on Granadella beach (note Bob's relaxed position) and then back uphill by a more gentle path to the start point.  This walk is very local to Moraira for Rosemary & myself and we often walk it by ourselves if we get bored or restless and with our Monday (walking) Club too - but it takes much longer with 38 walkers!!

Do not forget that it is easy to follow the walks of the Monday Club on Jan & Paul's Blog: -

Senija Cross & Cave - CBMW - 2nd March

This was a short walk from the village of Senija starting at 10.30 and led by John Mail for the CBMW - followed by a lunch at Manolos Restaurant. It started with a steep uphill climb on a tarmac road and then off on a small track. After a while most of us scrambled down a rocky path to visit the cave. Here Wendy approaches the cliffs with Rosemary in the hot sunshine.

The cave is very large and extends a long way back into the hillside. Rosemary looks pleased to be almost there for a short rest and banana snack.

It is Brenda's (red top) 70th birthday today and she seems to be explaining to Wendy, Rosemary and Peter that life really begins at 70 or at least the fun does not stop!!

The size of the cave is shown by the crowd! Although it is a long way below and out of sight the main A7 autopista is quite close and yet we have never noticed the cave on our motorway travels.

At last we reach the Senija cross for a brief rest before we continue gently downhill back to the start. 

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

February 2011

1st February
We walked in the Jalon Valley with our friends Keith & Eunice who we have to thank for this picture of us together.  We were a bit early for the almond blossom but enjoyed the walking and company.

2nd February
Today we did a trial walk led by our friend Margret from Benissa Cemetary to Soldates and return. This was in preparation for the Monday Club doing the walk on 14th Feb while we are back in the UK for a week.

4th February
Jan & Paul visited Moraira to look round the Market, relax by the sea (above) and have lunch at Monroes Restaurant with our friends Mary & Joe.

5th February
David enjoyed the CBMW Fig Tree walk led by Peter Greig.

10th February
We returned to the UK for Frances's 18th Birthday, here blowing out candles with her cousin James.

12th February
We walked to Audley End House to meet son Jon, Clare, James and Henry. At this time of year the Snowdrops and Aconites are really beautiful and it only rained once!

18th February
We travelled back to Spain with Jean & Harry Williams. Here we have walked to Portet for a lunch by the sea in the sunshine.

19th February
We attended our friend Paul Ridge's 70th birthday lunch at Restaurant Mesena  Here we enjoy Champagne back at their villa with photograph by Susan Ridge.

22nd February
The Almond Blossom was still lovely on Sierra Bernia for Jean & Harry before their return to the UK on 24th Feb. Spain supplied excellent weather for a nice visit.

Finally a climb to Orba Castle in brilliant sunshine with Jan & Paul completed a great month for Rosemary & David. The Swallow Tail butterflies on the summit were a unexpected bonus this early in the year and this Spaniard and his horse made for an interesting encounter with the Caballo Verde Ridge in the background.

Barranco de Galistero - 23 Feb 2010

This is a CBMW (S) strenuous walk involving (Scr) scrambling - led by our friend Peter Green (centre with the purple top). David walked in a group that included many other friends.
The walk is up a Barranco (Ravine) that is dry most of the time, it involves climbing the natural cataracts and then returning by good mountain tracks. After a cold start we have warmed up and need a water stop. Pat takes the opportunity to relax before we start the more difficult bits.
The thing that I like about this adventure is that we need to give each other help with the steep parts and this promotes a real team spirit. Here Peter gives a helping hand.
Because it is strenuous and Peter is a good leader we have lots of stops to get our breath back!! -
and have a joke or two!!
Care is needed on some of the dry waterfalls and ledges but help is always at hand.
Peter claimed that this was the last difficult bit  - until we arrived at the next one -
- but we soon got through and here Jacky finishes the climb!!
This dam is only intended to hold back an extreme flood but it is also the end of the Barranco walk and the place where we climb up to our picnic/lunch spot and then return to the cars on good tracks. Thank you Peter for a very pleasant and satisfyingly strenuous day.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Monday Club - Puig Campana - Monday 28th February 2011.

It is unusual for me to report on the "Monday Club" walks as this is usually done by our friends Jan & Paul, but today they were not able to walk with us and somehow I seemed to get the job as I have this Blog.

11 of us started from Font Moli near Finistrat in bright sunshine.  There was just time for a team photo (and a sit down!) with the Puig in the background, then we set off uphill.

 and continued up hill, never too steep but steadily up on generally good paths.

 We paused at a ruined Finca and Wendy, Tom and Ken explored these cave rooms behind the property. 

 After a water stop Pat tells us we are almost at the top, our leader Peter was scouting ahead for the path. Note the spectacular views to the east of Benidorm and the sea.

As we approached the Col we came to this area that was badly burnt some years ago and, by this time, we were putting our coats back on as it was bitterly cold  with a strong wind chill.

Finally we reach the crossroads on the southern side of the Puig remembering this point from a previous walk

Lunch was at this Refugio with some of us sheltering inside out of the wind. 

 Then continuing downwards on very good paths.

Mike had difficulty getting his leg over this fallen tree but was fortunate to have Sue and Jacki to give him a hand.

 Returning to Font Moli after a great walk with spectacular views looking towards Alicante.

Next Monday's walk is at Castell de Castells at 10.00am - parking in the village.  Those wishing to share transport should meet-up at the Golf shop near Teulada roundabout at 9.10am 

Walking in Spain January 2011

We arrived in Spain a few days ago and on Thursday 13th January, as a 1st walk of 2011, Rosemary & I did one of our favorite local paths down to Cala Liebeig, along the undercliff for a picnic at Cala del Moraig. Here we have a short rest after the very steep cliff climb.
The view back towardsCap D'Or and Portet is spectatcular.

 On Saturday 15th January we walk the cliff path from Cala Pinets to Calpe, note the Ifach in the mist.
 After Beer and Bocadillo in a cafe we head back along the same path to Cala Pinets. This is another favorite local walk.

On Wednesday 19th January David walked with the CBMW from the village of Abdet.  This was a lovely walk in two beautiful valleys, thanks to our leader, our friend Peter Green.

On Thursday 20th January we met our friends Jan & Paul for a most enjoyable walk along the promenades of Calpe with a snack at the "Pensionistas Social Club". Note the view of the Ifach.

 On Saturday David walked Sierra Afaro with the CBMW near the village of Tollos. A beatiful sunny day but very cold with a hard frost on the grass.

 Finally on Saturday 29th January Rosemary & I walked to Calpe again as it was too wet to do the CBMW walk on Cabo St Antonio.  Here during a brief pause the strong wind throws big seas onto the base of the Ifach. Then it was on to the Pensionistas Bar (again).