Friday, 29 April 2011

Boating - Maintenance & Launch

Even when we are at the Marina for boat washing, polishing and maintenance there is still time for lunch and a chat on the bank with friends.

With "Summer Love" still out of the water David can check the propellors, shafts, rudders, etc

The starboard shaft and propellor have been vibrating so David has removed them (after a long struggle) to be checked by an Engineering Company.

Wednesday 13th March.  At last the maintenance is finished, parts refitted with a new bearing and she is ready to be launched, here the lifting frame is being positioned around the boat (still on it's blocks).

Blocks away!  Andy our Marina Engineer gets us mobile.

Have wheels will travel - in front of the workshop and towards the "lift out" - watched by Rosemary.

another view of the "ladies".

Almost in!

Rosemary gets busy with the mooring ropes and we look forward to a happy season of boating.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

April 2011 - Walking in the UK

Today, Monday 4th April, we are walking from our house in Saffron Walden to visit Caroline in Debden, note our Cherry tree is in blossom and spring flowers.
These Cowslips are common in our fields and on banks.

The Blackthorn in blossom makes a nice back-drop for Rosemary's hat as we cross the fields.  

Violets make a bright splash.

It is a dry day if a bit cloudy and if not lost we are having to discover the route.

Debden at last for a chat & nice cup of tea with Caroline & Dominic before we catch the Bus back to Saffron Walden.
Today, Wednesday 6th April, is the "all day" walk with SW&Dist Footpaths Assn.  We 12 started from Henham Church and took a circuitous route to Widdington for a Pub Lunch before our return circuit.

It is a fine day with sun & cloud and dry underfoot.  Here we are walking past some interesting creatures!

Our route takes us along some small treee lined lanes -

- and across the fields.

In the "green lanes" these Celandines make a bright splash of colour.

Debden Church was open and a good spot for a pew in the cool!

Our very nice lunch was at the pub in Widdington -

 - before returning to Henham. Many thanks are due to our leader Robert Bartlett and our sweeper, his wife Christine who got us all safely back.

Today, Sunday 7th April, we are again walking with the Footpaths Assn. in a circuit around Saffron Walden.  Our Leader is Jean Coe and her husband David is sweeping.

These Narcissi are naturalised in this coppice.

Our path takes us along tracks and through country lanes with pretty Farms -

- and the butterflies put on a display for us.

This has been a lovely walk from home in good company.

March 2011 - Walking in the UK

Sunday20th March - we were with "Saffron Walden & District Footpaths Association on their March Walk from Newport towards Wicken Bonhunt. The weather was fine and cool enough for some brisk walking.
There is a real feel of Spring in the air, the tree buds are bursting and theUK is getting green!

We have been walking with this group for many years but wished they walked more than once a month. The next walk is an "all day" with a Pub Lunch