Friday, 29 April 2011

Boating - Maintenance & Launch

Even when we are at the Marina for boat washing, polishing and maintenance there is still time for lunch and a chat on the bank with friends.

With "Summer Love" still out of the water David can check the propellors, shafts, rudders, etc

The starboard shaft and propellor have been vibrating so David has removed them (after a long struggle) to be checked by an Engineering Company.

Wednesday 13th March.  At last the maintenance is finished, parts refitted with a new bearing and she is ready to be launched, here the lifting frame is being positioned around the boat (still on it's blocks).

Blocks away!  Andy our Marina Engineer gets us mobile.

Have wheels will travel - in front of the workshop and towards the "lift out" - watched by Rosemary.

another view of the "ladies".

Almost in!

Rosemary gets busy with the mooring ropes and we look forward to a happy season of boating.

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